Azure SQL Monitoring

With several different options to monitor Azure SQL PAAS services, let us look at the different options, what they involve and where best to use them.

Solutions Sql VM Sql Database Sql Managed Instance Agent Required
SQL Insights (Preview) Yes Yes Yes Yes
SQL Intelligent Insights (Preview) No Yes No No
DMV’s No Yes Yes No
Query Store No Yes Yes No
SQL Analytics (Preview) No Yes Yes No

SQL Insights

SQL Insights uses SQL DMV’s to expose the data for collection agents on dedicated virtual machines to gather and then store in the InsightsMetrics table into a Log Analytics Workspace. The workspace must be in the same region as the resources being monitored. You can view the gathered data by using the workbook template or by using log queries.

Note: Does not currently support

SQL Intelligent Insights

SQL Intelligent Insights uses built-in intelligence to monitor your database and using artificial intelligent will try to detect disruptive events that may cause performance issues. This option compares previous performance with current performance to identify anomalies. Intelligent Insights can be enabled in the Azure Sql Database Diagnostic Settings log category SQLInsights. The category can be streamed into any one or more of the following:

Note: This feature is currently in preview.


Query Store

SQL Analytics

This solution is an intelligent pack or solution for Log Analytics that provides a dashboard for you.