This reference section describes each of the following resources which can be deployed by JustDeploy. Each resource has a type shortcode which can be used with some functions to reduce the scope of the objects being manipulated.

Resource Shortcode Category Description
azAdGroup azGRP Azure Active Directory Group
azAdUser azUSR Azure Active Directory User
azAppConfigStore azACS AppConfiguration Application Configuration Store
azBastion azBAST Network Bastion
azDatabricks azDBW Databricks Databricks Workspace
azDdosProtectionPlan azDPP Networking Ddos Protection Plan
azDisk azDISK Compute Managed Disk
azDiskSnapshot azSNAP Compute Snapshot
azEventHubNamespace azEVHNS EventHub EventHub Namespace & Event Hubs
azKeyVault azKV Compute KeyVault
azLocalNetworkGateway azLNG Network Local Network Gateway
azManagedIdentity azID ManagedIdentity Managed Identity
azManagedImage azImg Compute Managed Image
azManagementGroup azMG Tenant Management Group
azMySqlFlexibleDatabase azMYSQLFDB MySql MySql Flexible Database
azMySqlFlexibleServer azMYSQLF MySql MySql Flexible Server
azNetworkInterface azNIC Network Network Interface
azNetworkSecurityGroup azNSG Network Network Security Group
azPublicIP azPIP Network Public IP Address
azRecoveryServicesFault azRSV Management Recovery Services Fault
azResourceGroup azRG Management Resource Group
azRole azROLE Azure Active Directory Role
azRouteTable azRT Network Route Table
azSqlDatabase azSQLDB Sql SQL Database
azSqlElasticPool azSQLEP Sql SQL Database Elastic Pool
azSqlInstance azSQLI Sql SQL Managed Instance
azSqlInstancePool azSQLIP Sql SQL Managed Instance Pool
azSqlServer azSQLS Sql SQL Server
azStorage azST Storage Storage Account
azSubnet azSNET Network Subnet
azSubscription azSUB Tenant Subscription
azVirtualMachine azVM Compute Virtual Machine
azVirtualNetwork azVNET Network Virtual Network
azVirtualNetworkGateway azVNG Network Virtual Network Gateway

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