Use the resource azDisk to deploy an Azure managed disk to the relevant subscription. Classic disks are not supported by SQLBuild.


Attribute Type Mandatory Values Default Notes
Name String Yes
ResourceGroupName String Yes
Location String Yes
DiskSizeGB Number Yes
Zone Array Yes
Sku String Yes Standard
String Premium
String Ultra
OsType String No Windows Windows
MaxSharesCount Number No 1
PerformanceTier String No Only used for Premium and Ultra LRS
BoostingEnabled Boolean No False Only used for Premium
LogicalSectorSizeBytes String No Only used for Ultra disks
DiskIOPSReadWrite String No Only used for Ultra
DiskMBpsReadWrite String No Only used for Ultra
DiskIOPSReadOnly String No Only used for Ultra
DiskMBpsReadOnly String No Only used for Ultra
Tag Object No
Lock Object No

Input by YAML

Object model for YAML deployment:

    # Mandatory
  - Name: 'string'
    ResourceGroupName: 'string'
    Location: 'string'
    DiskSizeGB: 'string'
    Zone: [array]
    Sku: 'string'                           # Standard_LRS, StandardSSD_LRS, StandardSSD_ZRS, Premium_LRS, Premium_ZRS, UltraSSD_LRS
    # Optional
    OsType: 'string'                        # Windows (D), Linux
    PerformanceTier: 'string'               
    MaxSharesCount: number                  # 1 (D) = No sharing
    BoostingEnabled: boolean                # True, False (D)
    LogicalSectorSizeBytes: 'string'        # For Ultra disks only, 512 or 4096
    DiskIOPSReadWrite: 'string'             # Only for UltraSSD
    DiskMBpsReadWrite: 'string'             # Only for UltraSSD
    DiskIOPSReadOnly: 'string'              # Only for UltraSSD
    DiskMBpsReadOnly: 'string'              # Only for UltraSSD
      - Name: 'string'
        Level: 'string'                     # CanNotDelete, ReadOnly
        Notes: 'string'

Input by JSON

Object model for JSON deployment:

  "azDisk": [
      "Name": "string",
      "ResourceGroupName": "string",
      "Location": "string",
      "DiskSizeGB": number,
      "OsType": "string",
      "Zone": [array],
      "SkuName": "string",
      "MaxSharesCount": number,
      "LogicalSectorSizeBytes": "string",
      "Performancetier": "string",
      "BoostingEnabled": boolean,
      "Tag": {
        "key": "value"
      "Lock": [
          "Name": "string",
          "Level": "string",
          "Notes": "string"