Use the resource azAadUser to deploy an Azure AD User to the relevant tenant.


Attribute Type Mandatory Values Default Notes
Name String Yes DisplayName in Azure portal
MailNickname String Yes
PrincipalName String Yes
Password String
GivenName String
Surname String
JobTitle String
EmployeeId String
MobilePhone String
FaxNumber String
OfficeLocation String
Department String
CompanyName String
StreetAddress String
City String
State String
PostalCode String
Country String

Input by YAML

Object model for YAML deployment:

    # Mandatory
  - Name: 'string'  
    MailNickname: 'string'
    PrincipalName: 'string'
    # Optional
    Password: 'string'                        # If not supplied, GeneratePasswordObj used
    GivenName: 'string'
    Surname: 'string'
    JobTitle: 'string'
    EmployeeId: 'string'
    MobilePhone: 'string'
    FaxNumber: 'string'
    OfficeLocation: 'string'
    Department: 'string'
    CompanyName: 'string'
    StreetAddress: 'string'
    City: 'string'
    State: 'string'
    PostalCode: 'string'
    Country: 'string'

Input by JSON

Object model for JSON deployment:

  "azAdUser": [
      "Name": "string",
      "MailNickname": "string",
      "PrincipalName": "string",
      "Password": "string",
      "GivenName": "string",
      "Surname": "string",
      "JobTitle": "string",
      "EmployeeId": "string",
      "MobilePhone": "string",
      "FaxNumber": "string",
      "OfficeLocation": "string",
      "Department": "string",
      "CompanyName": "string",
      "StreetAddress": "string",
      "City": "string",
      "State": "string",
      "PostalCode": "string",
      "Country": "string"