Simplifying Cloud Infrastructure Deployment

JustDeploy Ecosystem

JustDeploy is a product which helps you deploy your cloud infrastructure quickly, securely and to best practice. Unlike many other IaC tools, there is no requirement to learn a new coding language, you can use common formats, such as JSON and YAML to describe your deployment and use well known command line tools like Powershell and Python to validate and deploy your infrastructure. JustDeploy's strengths in this category are directed to small to medium companies and also companies that wish to deploy data centric infrastructure.

Deploying cloud infrastructure is not easy. A significant workforce and a number of highly skilled engineers are required to design and deploy cloud infrastructure. This has lead to a relatively new discipline known as Platform Engineering. This new discipline is often regarded as hybrid of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and DevOps. Often, only larger enterprises have the resources to build and maintain Infrastructure Platform Engineering teams. Platform Engineering is a growing discipline and encouraging for the future, reducing cognitive load for developers, offering self service to the business and ensuring infrastructure is developed and deployed just like any software product using well known DevOps techniques.


Describe your deployment using humanly readable YAML files and other familiar and popular formats. Our no code approach means there is no need to learn a new proprietary language to define or action your deployment. Just follow a simple data model and use familiar tools and languages to validate and deploy.

Traditional IaC tools are not intelligent and you will need to know the low level technical detail. Take a look at a AWS Cloudformation template or a Microsoft Azure ARM template and you will be suprised how complex they can be. JustDeploy will abstract this allowing you to specify just the higher level details.

Consistency across clouds and even within clouds is important when learning. Large cloud teams result in inconsistencies even within the same cloud. We abstract this to provide a clear consistent model across both Azure and AWS cloud providers.
Data Focused

Many IaC tools will not install or configure data as part of your deployment and you will need another tool for configuration. JustDeploy offers a common framework to install and configure both. JustDeploy is very data focused and includes many configuration options often not available in other tools.
Cloud Agnostic

JustDeploy uses cloud agnostic methods such as YAML, Powershell and Python, no need to use cloud specific tools like Azure ARM or AWS Cloudformation. JustDeploy can deploy currently to Azure, with AWS coming soon.
Deployment Patterns

There are only so many patterns in the cloud. Often deployments are just minor variations of a known and popular design pattern. Over time we hope to build up a catalogue of patterns and examples for use.