JustDeploy Editions

JustDeploy is available in 2 editions, both with different levels of functionality and licenses.

Community Edition

JustDeploy Community Edition

The community edition is ideal for POC testing, development, testing or smaller infrastructure deployments. It features a set of Powershell modules which call the relevant cloud REST APIs and includes all the core functionality for Validation and Deployment. For a full list of functionality please refer to the Feature Matrix within the relevant release. It is free to use, modify and redistribute under the GNU open source license.

Enterprise Edition

JustDeploy Enterprise Edition

This edition is more suited to larger enterprises and consists of Powershell and Python modules together with a REST API. The python and Powershell modules are fairly basic as most of the logic is contained within the REST APIs. The enterprise Edition also allows for direct access to the REST API for programmatic access. This edition is available under a proprietary license.