Getting started

JustDeploy is very straight forward to use and you can be up and running in just minutes. Simply follow these 5 steps:

  1. Install. Choose a technology and install your chosen client. Currently only Powershell is available. Python, CLI and are on the road map. RESTAPI will be available in the future also.

  2. Configure. There are a few settings to control the behaviour of JustDeploy which you need to consider. Create your configuration files in either YAML or JSON. My favourite is YAML as you can add comments and it is humanly readable.

  3. Describe: Describe your future infrastructure using a method of your choice. Again you can describe your infrastructure currently in either YAML or JSON format.

  4. Validate the resources. Pass your configuration and deployment files through a validator to ensure you are in the best shape possible prior to deployment. Validation will check the file formats, all mandatory parameters are present, any dependencies are present and skus are available in the given regions. There is nothing more frustrating than having your deployment half way through due to lack of availability.

  5. Deploy the resources. Once you have validated your deployment files, you can go ahead and deploy.