Use the resource azSqlInstance to deploy an Azure SQL Managed Instance to the relevant subscription.

Warning: This operation may take several hours.


Attribute Type Mandatory Values Default Notes
Name String
ResourceGroupName String
Location String
SubnetName String
BackupStorageRedundancy String
StorageSizeInGB String
Collation String
ZoneRedundant String
AdminUsername String
[AdminPassword](../password/ Object
EnableADOnlyAuth Boolean
InstancePoolName String
LicenseType String BasePrice, LicenseIncluded
VCore Number Minimum 8
Edition String GeneralPurpose
ComputeGeneration String Gen5, FSv2, DC, M
Tag Object No
Lock Object No

Input by YAML

Object model for YAML deployment:

    # Mandatory
  - Name: 'string'
    ResourceGroupName: 'string'
    Location: 'string'
    SubnetName: 'string'
    BackupStorageRedundancy: 'string'                   # Local, Zone (D) or Geo
    StorageSizeInGB: number
    Collation: 'string'
    ZoneRedundant: 'string'

    AdminUsername: 'string'
    AdminPassword: 'string'                  
    EnableADOnlyAuth: 'string'                          # False (D), True
    InstancePoolName: 'string'

    # Following attributes must be supplied if not in a pool
    LicenseType: 'string'                               # Ignored if pool specified, values BasePrice, LicenseIncluded 
    VCore: number                                       # Ignored if pool specified
    Edition: 'string'                                   # Ignored if pool specified, GeneralPurpose, Hyperscale, BusinessCritical
    ComputeGeneration: 'string'                         # Ignored if pool specified, values Gen5 (D), FSv2-series, DC-series, M-series

      - Name: 'string'
        Level: 'string'                                 # CanNotDelete, ReadOnly
        Notes: 'string'

Input by JSON

Object model for JSON deployment:

  "azSqlInstancePool": [
      "Name": "string",
      "ResourceGroupName": "string",
      "Location": "string",
      "SubnetName": "string",
      "BackupStorageRedundancy": "string",
      "StorageSizeInGB": number,
      "Collation": "string",
      "SubnetName": "string",
      "ZoneRedundant": "string",

      "AdminUsername": "string",
      "AdminPassword": "string",
      "EnableADOnlyAuth": boolean,
      "InstancePoolName": "string",

      "LicenseType": "string",
      "Edition": "string",
      "VCore": number,
      "ComputeGeneration": "string",

      "Tag": {
        "key": "value"
      "Lock": [
          "Name": "string",
          "Level": "string",
          "Notes": "string"